Hermosillo highlights


  • Cerro de la Campana - This radio tower is on a road that winds up a mountain right downtown. It isn't very high, but gives a great view of Hermosillo and the surrounding countryside. It has parking space and police surveilance.
  • Museum of Sonora - (Museo de Sonora), Jesús García, 62 17 25 80. Housed in a very creepy old stone penitentiary built in 1897. It is a castle-like building with big stone walls and watchtowers. You can visit the old underground cells which are especially creepy, making you wonder how many people died there in those horrible conditions. Also features a permanent show of old coins, and historical elements, showed on a timeline order. Tues-Sat 10am-5pm, Sun 9am-4pm. Closed Mondays.
  • Regional Museum of Sonora's University - Features a small collection of historical elements, portraits, local crafts and an interesting collection of appliances, guns, photographs, money and documents from the revolution era. Also shows temporal art exhibits. The main pieces of the Museum are a group of mummies found at the sonoran sierra.
  • Hector Espino Stadium - Blvd. Solidaridad and Blvd. Luis Encinas - Choyal area. Home of theHermosillo Naranjeros, the best baseball league of Mexico and because they play between October and January, you can see some MLB players in addition to the best Mexican baseball players. Some notable former and current Naranjeros include Hector Espino, Fernando Valenzuela, Erubial Durazo, Curt Schilling, Vinny Castilla, Luis A. Garcia, Geronimo Gil, and many others. All of this surrounded by a great atmosphere of party as only Mexicans know how. There is a souvenir store located at the stadium as well.
  • Hermosillo at night - In the northeastern part of the city there is a small parking area where Blvd. Jose Maria Morelos meets Blvd. Juan Bautista de Escalante. Park here and bring your camera as you will see a stunning view of Hermosillo, including Cerro de la Campana. The view is especially impressive at night, as you can see lights that seem to stretch out forever. Hermosillo police officers are often posted there at night, they will not bother you, and will often chat with tourists and suggest other places to visit.
  • Centro Ecologico - It's the city Zoo. Shows a wide variety of local and worldwide species of flora and fauna:
  • Lions and all of the most known "big cats"
  • Bears
  • Kangaroos
  • Giraffes
  • Aligators
  • Snakes
  • Wolves
  • Hit the trails Mountain biking and hiking are very popular activities, and the area has many amazing trails to follow in the mountains around the city. The mix of desert and mountain give these trails a very nice touch. Wild life is very interesting. You get to see from little lizards and roadrunners all around to big deer and coyotes, and if you're lucky you might be able to watch a bighorn sheep or even a rattlesnake (not considered to be extremely lucky).
  • Carne asada - Grilled beef (boneless chuck, rib eye, sirloin) which is the most typical food in the city. Tacos are typically around one dollar and are pretty good. Some of the best carne asada and tacos (also try caramelos which are tacos with melted cheese) can be found on the thousands of taco stands you will find on almost any street in Hermosillo.
  • Coyotas - A flat sweet bread filled with various choices as buttermilk candy (not the chocolate bar), apple, pecan nut, strawberry jam, among others. This bake is a tradition among the city and it started in the former town called Villa de Seris, which now is part of Hermosillo.
  • Empanadas - Another local bread which consists of a turnover style pastry filled with a sweet filling.
  • Melcochas - Candy based on raw sugar.
  • Tacos de cabeza - Beef tacos made from the head of the cow, typical for breakfast.
  • Burro percheron - A variation on the traditional burrito. The difference is in the ingredients and the size, as in the south of Mexico burritos are usually thin and about six inches long and has lots of potato filling. Percheron burro in the big size are usually one feet long and 2 o 3 inches wide, they are filled with avocado, tomatoe, cheese and premium beef. Cost is around 6 to 8 dollars and even more if toppings are asked (pork meat, pepperoni, ham, shrimp, anaheim pepper, bacon).
  • Hot dogs - For a late dinner you have to go to the University Plaza for the best hot dogs in Sonora, voted among the top 50 hot dogs in the world and one of the best 100 foods in the world, you will be able to find hot dogs stands here 24/7. Also check out the hot dog stand which is out at night right next to the Oxxo, located at Blvd. Lopez Portillo and Ave. Tres. Turkey hot dogs stuffed with cheese and wrapped in bacon.)
  • Hotel & Suites Kino 151 Pino Suarez st. This hotel offers one-person accomodation starting at about 30-35 USD and up to double and executive suites at 70 USD. Three star hotel with the basic stuff and also an inside swimming pool, free coffe at nights, wifi access and ca ble tv among other commodities. The only low budget remarcable hotel in town. Operating with no interruption since 1863 making this 2012 a total of 149 years in service. Also take a look to the exhibit of XIX and XX century items. This hotel has no bar.
  • Santiago Hotel, 545 Blvd. Luis Encinas. For about $60 USD per night you can get a suite, not much different than your average hotel room, but includes granite countertops in the bathroom. Includes a restaurant with a buffet.
  • San Sebastian Corner of Perisur and Guaymas exit. Pretty much the same thing, style and rates of Santiago Hotel. Just a bigger in size. Has a buffet restaurant and a bar with live music and comedian.
  • Lucerna, Blvd. Vado del Rio-. Hermosillo's newest and most luxurious hotel, 5 star amenities. Bilingual staff. Located in the southern part of the city, right next to "Centro de Gobierno" or the main government offices. The fine and modern decor, along with attention to detail make it the new benchmark for luxury hotels en the city, the pool, with jacuzzy, is clearly a notch above all competitors.
  • Fiesta Americana Hotel, Blvd. Eusebio Kino 369 - Col. Lomas Pitic. Hermosillo's hotel, 5 star amenities. Bilingual counter staff. Located in the northern part of the city, as you enter from Mexico 15 south the hotel is just after you enter the city on the left. Located in Hermosillo's finest neighborhood, "Pitic." Surrounded by some of Hermosillo's nicest (and most expensive) restaurants. The hotel includes its own restaurant, tennis courts and a nightclub (The Velvet)
  • Araiza Inn Hotel, Blvd Eusebio Kino No. 353. Located right near the Fiesta Americana, the Araiza Inn Hotel is also a 5 star type hotel with all amenities. Includes a delightful outdoor pool, and a bar/nightclud in the rear side.